Review: Green Arrow #30

Green Arrow 030_01Written by: Jeff Lemire

Art by: Andrea Sorrentino

Colors by: Marcelo Maiolo

Published by: DC Comics

Review by Zakk Saam

The penultimate showdown of Outsiders War continues this month in Green Arrow #30 from DC Comics.  Advancing his mission to bring down Komodo and the rogue Outsiders clans, Green Arrow finally gets the fight he’s been searching for. Guest starring in this issue is Katana, whose Sword Clan aligns itself with Oliver’s Arrow Clan.

Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Animal Man) continues to prove that Green Arrow deserves to be one of the heavy hitters amongst DC’s roster of super characters, and not a B-List as he normally is considered. His writing of Green Arrow feels real, and is emotionally driven. The tension between Oliver and his father is one of the highlights of this current arc, and the action sequences are well paced. Lemire continues to add the origin and mythos of the character, bringing a new feel to a character who first debuted in 1941. While this issue doesn’t add much to the plot, it is still a pleasure to read.

Green Arrow 030_03

Andrea Sorrentino’s (I, Vampire) artwork on Green Arrow is still some of the best I’ve ever seen amongst comics.  He brings excitement and depth to the action oriented issue.  Sorrentino’s panel breakdowns create an easy to read page amongst chaotic action to keep Lemire’s pacing and help direct the action.

Green Arrow 030_02

Colors were done by Marcelo Maiolo (I, Vampire, Demon Knights), whose work blends seamlessly with Sorrentino’s art and helps bring it to life. The two work well together, no doubt a result of their previous work on I, Vampire as well as Green Arrow.

Overall, this is one of the best monthly comics DC publishes, maybe even the best. If you haven’t been keeping up with this series, you NEED to go back up and pick of the previous four, because you don’t want to miss this.  This issue is incredibly fun, as has this entire arc. I can’t wait for the final issue of the Outsiders War, and what will become of the relationship between Oliver and his father. One can only hope that the arc following this can live up to its predecessor. Where can they go from here?

Story: 8/10

Art: 9/10

Overall: 9.5/10

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