Review: Superior Spider-Man #31

SSM031_1Story by: Dan Slott

Script by: Christos Gage

Pencils by: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Colors by: Antonio Fabela

Published by: Marvel Comics

Written by Zakk Saam


The end is nigh for Otto Octavius and the Superior Spider-Man series, as issue #31 was released this week. A run lasting from December 2012 to now, one of the most controversial superhero stories is wrapping up and longtime favorite Peter Parker is back in the spotlight. With a year’s adventures  missed, Parker must learn his new place in this world, and make up for any mistakes which Otto has left in his wake.

The current arc, Goblin Nation also comes to a conclusion as Spider-Man works with Spider-Man 2099 to save New York. Writer Dan Slott’s (Amazing Spider-ManShe-Hulk) grand plan finally comes to fruition in this final issue. After teasing us with Green Goblin for almost the entire run of Superior Spider-Man, we finally get the New York City-destroying battle against the Goblin and his Nation. While the issue seems rushed, Slott does a good job of placing Peter Parking in a foreign and uncomfortable place.



Guiseppe Camuncoli’s artwork brings Peter Parker back to life with his signature acrobatic poses as he swings through the skyline of New York City. Being one of the primary pencillers on the series (alongside Humerto Ramos and Ryan Stegman), Camuncoli’s work has come a long way from the beginning of the series. I particularly like the double page spread early in the book of Spider-Man swinging through New York while the city burns around him.

Colors were done by Antonio Fabela, whose work fits the book. The book is dark and moody, and Fabela’s choice of color reflects this. Again I will refer to the double page spread from before, as the colors here reflect Spider-Man’s dread over being thrown in the middle of the Goblin destroying the city.


In short, Superior Spider-Man was a risky move, but paid off in the end. Fans knew that it wouldn’t last forever, and even those of us who enjoyed seeing a mad man inside the body of Spider-Man are excited for the release of Amazing Spider-Man #1 later this month.

Also included in this issue is the story Actions have Conseqenuces, from Christos Gage and Will Sliney.

Story: 9/10

Art: 8/10

Overall: 8.5/10

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