Review: Justice League #29

justice-league-29-coverWritten By: Geoff Johns

 Pencils By: Doug Mahnke

 Color By: Rod Reis

 Published By: DC Comics


Review by Justin Chapman


If you’ve been reading Justice League as of lately you haven’t been seeing much of them because of the events in Forever Evil. Instead we have been getting the story of The Metal Men and Justice League member Cyborg trying to rescue the league. Geoff Johns captures the personalities of each Metal Man (or Metal Person, because Platinum is a woman) almost perfectly by having their metal type coincide with their behaviors. For Example Mercury is hot headed and quick to react, and Gold is self absorbed and very confident. The teaming of The Metal Men and Cyborg is a good combo, because The Metal Men don’t know how to react to Cyborg’s  metal body, but find his human half just as bewildering.


            The pencils by Doug Mahnke and coloring by Rod Reis really make this comic shine. Champagne and Alamy’s ink should not be ignored either. The Metal Men always look like they have a nice gleam to them, and the action scenes have great panel to panel flow to them. I miss Jim Lee’s run of  Justice League, but Doug Mahnke and the rest of the art team are doing a great job with the title. One of my personal favorites is the art he did for Owl Man’s back story in Justice League #25. I hope Mahnke and rest stay with this book for a while. I’m always weary of new art teams with my favorite comic books, but this team has slowly becoming a favorite.


            When it comes down to it the whole issue is about a showdown; Cyborg and The Metal Men versus the computer virus, Crime Syndicate member know as The Grid. The battle takes some interesting turns and even shows an interesting side to Cyborg. Cyborg being my least favorite member of the Justice League actually was made a tad bit cooler in this issue, and if you’re already a Cyborg fan then you’ll be happy. This issue is also the prelude to the final issue of Forever Evil, so hopefully next issue will show the Justice League back in action and make this storyline Forever Over.


            Justice League #30 will be on sale May 21, and it will have a very interesting cover, but if you only know one thing about comic book covers it should be to never trust them; they can be deceiving.


Story: 7/10

Art: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

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