Review: Devil Dealers

covers.inddWritten By: Ross May

Pencils By: Brett Wood

Colors By: Kirsty Swan

Published By: Markosia Enterprises 

Review by Heather Antos

If there is one lesson every church-going good little boy and girl remembers from their fire and brimstone educated childhoods, it’s probably something along the lines of this:

“Don’t make deals with Devils…”

Unfortunately it seems the characters of Ross May’s & Brett Wood’s Devil Dealers skipped out on that day of Sunday school. Lucky for us their story makes a fairly interesting read!

Devil Dealers tells the tale of several individuals who, in their own unique ways, gambled against the Devil and won their greatest wishes in fame, fortune, and skill. That being said, it appears no ability is too powerful to keep the Devil off your back. A group is formed, and together May’s characters search for Faust’s legendary notebook, which, rumor has it, contains secrets to the afterlife – including ways to control Lucifer himself!


For the most part, the writing of Devil Dealers is solid. The script was penned by Ross May, whose other work includes writing for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as The Real Ghostbusters. May’s introduction of the main arc takes a few pages to really become clear; however he uses this time to let readers get a feel for the main character of the story. Once the plot gets going, though, hold on – the ending comes and ends before you’re ready for it! May’s clever use of devilish pop culture will bring a smile to those who’ve heard of Charlie Daniels, but slight plot holes, witty references, and fiddle battles aside, the morality lesson of medieval times comes through May’s pages.DevilDealersPromo6

Comic artist BrettWood (of Silver Bullet also by Markosia) teamed up with Ross May for Devil Dealers. Wood’s pencils are clear across every panel and every page. His depiction of the Devil in true form is near perfect, and paired with Kirsty Swan’s bright colors, Lucifer is one fantastically hellish beast. Other than panels here and there where our devil chasing heroes look a tad stiff, Wood’s work on Devil Dealers is quite enjoyable.


For the most part, Devil Dealers is a good read. With ingredients such as a little bit of action, a dash of mystery, with a pinch of humor and drama dancing from page to page, creative pairing Ross May and Brett Wood have come up with quite the graphic novel between them. Be sure to stop by for your chance to grab a copy!

Story: 7/10

Art: 7/10

Overall: 7/10

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