Review: Stronghold #4

Stronghold coverWritten By: Brian Visaggio

Art By: Kevin Roberts  

Self Published

Review by Justin Chapman   As of now I have not read Stronghold issues 1 through 3, but I’d say that issue #4 holds it’s own on establishing a great set up for a story that could be turn out to be epic. Brian Visaggio and Kevin Roberts create a universe full of colorful characters and a very interesting take on how Earth would be if run by powerful alien military force. The force is known as The Throne, and they want to know who attacked them, and why. That’s were the group known as the Stronghold comes in.

Kevin Roberts art is bright and full of life. Each alien race he draws is very unique, especially with the character Euprophone. Roberts is great with facial expression in the characters he draws. Their faces always light up with emotion in each panel. As a fan of a good splash page,  Roberts delivers. There are two splash pages in this book, and they both look phenomenal; one is a double and it really showcases his artistic talent. If I had to complain about one thing though it would  background art. It  can go from dull and lacking detail to really exciting. A great example is whenever outer space is shown it looks gorgeous , but when you see the cityscape or the inside of an apartment it seemed like it was a bit lacking. It just seems a bit inconsistent at times when compared to pages like the awesome double splash page.Stronghold Image  Visaggio seems to be setting the characters and the universe of Stronghold in stone with issue #4. Not a lot of action takes place in this issue, but a lot of character development happens, and that is important in any long running story.  By the end of the issue something exciting is hinted at and it really pulled me in. It made me really want to see the Stronghold crew in action. I would definitely recommend Stronghold if you’re a fan of science fiction. One gripe I had was that I couldn’t follow the story as well as I wanted to, but that is my own fault for not reading the previous issues. Other than that  Visaggio and Roberts make a great team and I would absolutely read the next issue.






Story: 7.5/10

Art: 8/10

Overall: 7.75/10


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