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Review: Stronghold #4

Written By: Brian Visaggio Art By: Kevin Roberts   Self Published Review by Justin Chapman   As of now I have not read Stronghold issues 1 through 3, but I’d say that issue #4 holds it’s own… Continue reading

Review: Devil Dealers

Written By: Ross May Pencils By: Brett Wood Colors By: Kirsty Swan Published By: Markosia Enterprises  Review by Heather Antos If there is one lesson every church-going good little boy and girl remembers from their fire and… Continue reading

Review: Translucid #1

Written By: Claudio Sanchez & Chondra Echert Art By: Daniel Bayless Colors By: Adam Metcalfe Letters By: Ed Dukeshire Published By: BOOM! Studios Review by Heather Antos   When it came to my predictions… Continue reading

Review: Jack of Spades #1

Written By:Trico Lutkins Art By: Joshua Werner Published By: Source Point Press Review By: Zakk Saam               Jack of Spades #1 comes to us from Source Point Press,… Continue reading

Review: Saltire – Invasion

  Written By: John Ferguson Art By: Tone Juskjaer & Gary Welsh Cover Art By: Jim Devlin Published By: Diamondsteel Comics Review by Heather Antos   Scotland; the land of good ale, thick… Continue reading

Review: Guardians #2

  Written By: Todd Black Art By: Alex Garcia Published By: Black Magic Wolf Productions Review by Heather Antos Delta City – a crime ridden Gotham all of its own. So when the… Continue reading

Review: Stronghold – Hope is Not Yet Lost

  Written By: Brian Visaggio Art & Letters By: Kevin Roberts Story By: Brian Visaggio, Kevin Roberts, Martin Krause Published By: Redline Comics Review by Heather Antos Calling all science fiction lovers! Set… Continue reading

Review: Zombie B.C. #1

Written By: Stephen Vold Art By: Steven Williams Cover Art By: Malcolm McClinton Self Published Review by Heather Antos It’s 10,000 B.C. You’re just a regular ol’ caveman trying to have a romantic… Continue reading

Review: Convoy of Corpses

Written By: Kelly Bender Pencils By: Van Choran Inks By: Ivan Miranda Colors By: Amitabha Naskar Letters By: Nic J Shaw Review by Heather Antos With everything that’s going on in Afghanistan at… Continue reading

Review: Gordie Gnomo #1

Written By: Chris Sopsich Pencils By: Dave Woodward Colors By: Dave Woodward & Chris Sopsich Published By:Twisted Jester Comics Review by Heather Antos When Dave Woodward first handed me a copy of Gordie Gnomo… Continue reading