Justin Chapman

justingrJustin Chapman is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a BA (definition: Bad-Assery) in Electronic Media and Film. With an all around obsession with all things Geek (especially Comics, Movies & Video Games) he soon found himself writing about them. In a past life he was a  35 mm film projectionist, and, as he says, “I spliced film like Tyler Durden, but don’t worry I didn’t add my own special frames like he did.”  He spends his nights awake as he finds waking up before noon hurts. He also has a strong liking for cats and coffee.

Five Fun Facts About Justin:

Marvel or DC? Image (DC if I really had to choose)

Favorite Comic Arc: The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer

Favorite Hero/Villain/Vigilante:

Marvel: Spider-Man

DC: The Flash

Favorite Movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Favorite Video Game: Super Mario 3

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